Apple’s New TV App: Is It All That?

Thursday, Apple revealed their new App. They simply call it TV. So according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, there’s no reason to watch TV any other way. Is he right? So let’s look at Apple’s New TV app: Is it all that?

They promise help you navigate through 1600 video providers on TV’s platform. That’s right. Apparently, over 1600 streamer apps contribute to this platform. In addition to that, TV has 8,000 total apps. It debuts in December 2016. Furthermore, TV lets Apple TV customers browse through their categories easier. Also, they can ask Apple’s voice Siri for help. You can just tell her you want to watch a certain show or a even a certain channel. Siri does that work for you. So no more flipping through hundreds of channels for over 30 minutes (don’t act like I’m the only one who does that!). Also, you can play Minecraft on Apple TV. Finally, you can integrate Twitter into this TV app. That’s perfect for talking about the NFL, or hit shows like The Walking Dead and Empire. So what’s there not to like about this TV app?

It lacks two of the most popular streaming sites today: Amazon and Netflix. That’s a potential problem. While Netflix is still in Apple TV, they won’t be taking part in this TV app. Of course, Amazon Video has nothing to do with Apple TV period, except for being a fierce competitor. But it seems like both are missing a huge opportunity. Can’t consumers use the TV app to catch up on shows like Bloodline, Orange is the New Black, or House of Cards? And what about previous seasons of other popular shows? But I will give this Apple TV app credit; it offers a lot. This will encourage more Americans to cut ties with cable TV. In my humble opinion, that’s always a good thing. But Cook believes this TV app will totally dominate the TV world? Is it right for one company to have that kind of power?

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