Yahoo! and Facebook team up


If you?re a Facebook user who also happens to be a frequent user of Yahoo!, there?s some good news that should pique the interests of those looking for a new way to check the updates of your Facebook page and share news culled from Yahoo! to your Facebook stream.

Announced today, with a planned rollout in the first half of 2010, this comes by way of the Facebook Connect initiative that will be integrated across Yahoo! Servers worldwide. As told by Yahoo!, this effort will serve as a bridge between the over 500 million users of Yahoo! who also participate in the growing community fostered by Facebook.

Services such as Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo News, and Yahoo! Answers will be fully merged with the Facebook service. You?ll be able to update your Facebook status from those various Yahoo! Components or do as you usually do ? directly from your Facebook account.

This is just one of many synergistic efforts devised for the express purpose of drawing the internet community closer, taking advantage of its ever-evolving technology to promote the exchange of information and democratize its use.

For Facebook users, we?d like to remind you that Computer Geeks has its own Facebook profile, where we make regular updates to keep our clients informed.

You can get more information about Facebook Connect ?here.

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