Will The Red Hat Save IBM? Can Anything Save IBM?

So, IBM is on hard times. In my lifetime, I didn’t think I would say that. But I guess the 21st century IT support big boys, like Apple, Google and Amazon, are becoming too much. However, they just bought software firm Red Hat. Will the Red Hat save IBM?

So IBM bought out this cloud computing company of over $34 billion. This is the kind of tech they’re banking on now. However, for years now, they banked on Watson. Watson is, or should I say was, their new artificial intelligence system. But that’s not happening now. In fact, Watson is now more of an asset than liability.

Now, IBM expects to return to the software and business services that made them IBM in the first place. Investors got tired of watching Watson hemorrhage money and profits. But that’s only the beginning. Because Watson gave? bad health advice to doctors fighting serious diseases, like cancer. This is according to medical journal Stat. However, IBM looked at cloud computing for years. With Red Hat, they might finally have the edge. The IBM executives hope so. In fact, one said it will make number one in cloud computing. Imagine what this will do for Red Hat, too. I’m already reading reports of their stocks going through the roof.

As for Watson, we’ll always have the memories. Remember when Watson beat the two greatest Jeopardy players of all-time? Well, that was back in 2011. Think about how much things can change in seven years, especially in the IT service world. Also, think about Watson giving doctors bad medical information. The doctors pass that on to their patients. What kind of ramifications could that spread? Then think of how other companies took over the AI market ever since. We can say the same thing for cloud computing. However, they have the Red Hat now.? But will the Red Hat save IBM?

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