Will Google Enter Home Security Field?

Google plays an epic part of daily life, from maps to You Tube. Google wants to enter other areas of life, like wearable technology, driveless cars, and more.

Google is seriously considering acquiring Dropcam, one of the top camera makers. Dropcam makes cameras that stream photos to smartphones and computers. You can get one of these for around $150. Google wants to enter the thermostats and home detector (like fire and carbon monoxide) market as well. Google isn’t the only ones trying to enter the home security business. Rivals like Apple are venturing in online connected household appliances. In fact, next week Apple is planning a conference talking about how to run your household with an iPhone.

This sounds more than just another acquisition. This sounds like the next big technological revolution.? Surely you’ve seen commercials where the parents are checking on their kids in the house through a laptop. But the question is will Dropcom accept Google’s offer? What will Google’s offer be? So far, nobody’s saying anything. But if Dropcom and Google do get together, and Apple’s venture is successful, then imagine a world where detectors and all things appliances, from your lights, TV, even your blender, will be controlled by a computer or camera. If this is the next step, then what will be next?

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