What Is An E-Bike? Will They Dominate Future?

So we all know that E-cars seem to be the wave of the future. Also, they say by the 2030s, the e-car will be the premier vehicle. However, there are others. What is an e-bike? Will they dominate future?

An e-bike is a bicycle with an electric motor, but the rider can still pedal them. They also use rechargeable batteries. So let’s talk about Bond Mobility. It’s a young IT service firm from Silicon Valley that build e-bikes. These bikes can travel up to 30 MPH. That’s twice the speed of an e-scooter. Furthermore, unlike e-cars and scooters, you can park these e-bikes anywhere, just like regular bikes. You can even tie and lock them up to a pole.

Bond Mobility also has headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. In fact, that’s where all of their products are right now, in Europe. But they’re coming to the USA soon. However, there is a controversy about how fast this e-bike can go. Look at California. There, a bike that can’t go more than 30MPH can be rented with a licence to drive a car. Other states have similar laws. This can work to Bond Mobility’s advantage. In Switzerland, Bond Mobility’s e-bike is wildly successful. Can it do well in the USA?

Well, the want and the stats are there. In fact, some of them say by the 2030s, the e-biking business should be $300 billion in the US. It’s also worth $150 billion in Europe and $50 billion in China. Plus, a lot of people believe in Bond Mobility. Because they got a lot of funding from major corporations like Toyota and SoftBank. I know in Boston, home of our computer repair firm, traffic is one of the worst in the country. So I’m sure here, many people would like to jump on Bond Mobility’s e-bikes. Will e-bikes dominate our future?

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