Virtual Reality and Coachella

In Central California, there is a town called Indio. In Indio, there is a festival called Coachella, one of the most celebrated music festivals of the year. Can you make it to Indio and Coachella this year? If not, virtual reality may be able to help.

Thanks to an alliance between and Coachella, you can stream this music festival on a VR (virtual reality) device. You will need to download the Coachella VR app. This app gives you a tour of the festival grounds and guarantees features that will put you close to the action without the raucous crowds. The app has libraries of performers on the card. It has live stream of Coachella’s top performers in 3D VR with a 360 degree panoramic format. The app can be used and viewed through Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and other major VR headset entities. wants to be a leader in VR technology. They believe partnering with a popular music festival will help them stand out in the competition. But other major events are cashing in on the VR movement. The NFL and NCAA has enabled game watching through VR. Amusement park giant Six Flags also has a virtual reality roller coaster.

But Coachella is the first major music venue to broadcast through VR. So will be at the forefront in this area. Personally, I’m still a little weary of VR, because I believe it could be so addictive it can separate you from RR (real reality). But if you’re going to promote VR, has a great way of doing it. Obviously, not everyone has the time, money, or energy to go to a festival like Coachella. So using VR to bring Coachella to them is good for the two companies, good for the performers and good for the fans. Would you choose to watch on your couch in peace or be around a rowdy crowd?

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