US Government and Corporations vs Spy Chip

So, how many of you know about the ‘spy chip’? It’s a chip that can read and compromise data on motherboards all over the world. But that’s just the beginning of it. It’s US government and corporations vs spy chip.

So last week, a scathing report came out of Bloomberg. This magazine claims China built these spy chips on motherboards. Also, SuperMicro owns and builds these motherboards, so they share some blame as well. However, the allegations don’t stop there. Because this article accuses Amazon and Apple of using this kind of equipment in their super data centers. Then, this would let China spy on these mega IT support and IT service?companies, and their many, many customers. Too many to count, in fact. Bloomberg say that they used over a dozen sources to confirm this.

But these companies aren’t letting their name get dragged around.? Because Apple, Amazon and SuperMicro released statements on their respective websites. They all deny it. In fact, even Homeland Security is getting in the mix. They’re siding with the three companies. They say they have no reason to doubt these three companies are telling the truth when they deny this spy chip. If anything, they doubt Bloomberg’s articles.

Lets look at this US government and corporations vs spy chip thing. Do you realize how rare it is for Homeland Security to issue a statement like this? Yes, they fight cyber terrorism and other threats. But rarely do they side with corporations over journalists. However, neither side is going to back down. This really is a case of they said vs they said. Then add on the China factor. First, you have this tariff fight. Then, you have Vice-President Pence calling out China’s intense censorship laws, and Pence asking Google to stop enabling this kind of censorship. Do you think there is more to this story?

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