The Smart Headphone: The Earphone Comeback

Back in September 2016, Apple’s iPhone 7 made history. Consequently, that was the first smartphone not to have a headphone jack. Some paid little attention. But for others, this was a huge annoyance. So Pioneer is doing something about it. Let me introduce you to the smart headphone: the earphone comeback.

Hence, Pioneer comes up with Rayz Plus earphone. The smart headphone comes with it’s own jack. First, they connect through a Lightning connector. Then, there is a small adapter and lightning port at the end of the cable. You plug this in a charging cable. Then voila! You got the smart headphone. It also boasts, automatic restart, smart noise cancellation, and smart button.

So the smart headphone sound like a gem, doesn’t it? Not so fast. Critics point out some issues. Some say this will eat up smartphone battery life, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment. And that could be a problem. Poor battery life is an annoyance to any smartphone user. And to run to the charger every hour…this isn’t good. If this headphone is going to sale over 100 units, they need to assure, and deliver, that it won’t hurt a smartphone battery life.

Now, there’s the issue of price. These are earbuds, not the bulky earphones some are used to. These smart headphones range from $100-$150, depending on what model you get and where you get it from. One big selling point is noise cancellation. In our Boston area computer service shop, some of us use them quiet a bit. And of course, they can a personal haven. So it sounds like we’re ?heading for the post headphone jack era. Will Rayz Plus earphone lead this?new tech fad? Or will people continue to miss their headphone jack? Change is hard; old habits are hard, even in computer technology and computer repair. Will Rayz Plus lead the way in a new era or will people want their headphone jacks back?


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