Specify which programs users can run in Windows 7

If you?re the administrator of a shared computer on which you have multiple users, you very well could be someone who wants that computer used for a specific purpose, wanting to limit access to a select few applications. This is especially true of businesses where lapses in productivity could be a concern. You could be a manager looking to have your network administrator to craft a means of increasing the productivity of employees, or you might be a parent who?s mindful of the impact your children?s computer use is having on their studies.

For whatever the reason, Windows 7 allows you to decide just which applications users of that shared system can open.

This feature is not available for users of Windows 7 Home versions.

First, you want to click on the Start button and enter ?gpedit.msc? in the search box. Press Enter.


Then, you?ll want to go to User Configuration Administrative Templates System. Once there, look under ?Setting,? where you will then double-click on ?Run only specified Windows applications.?


You” have to set that to ?Enabled.? Then, in the Options section, click on the ?Show? button.


Doing so will pull up a ?Show Contents? window in which you can enter only those applications you want users to have access to. Once you?ve completed the list, click ?OK.? Close out of the Local Group Policy editor.


With that done, you have now set restrictions on which applications users of your computer can avail themselves of. Should someone try to use one that isn?t included on your list of allowed applications, they will see the following message:


If you?re someone who monitors which applications are being used on your computer, this a great feature that will assist you in that regard.

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