Robots Sew Your Shirt

Obviously, the robot craze isn’t going away. Robots check you in at hotels. Robots act as nurses; they bring you food and medicine. Now, robots sew your shirt.

We can thank Sewbo for this development. Sewbo’s machine can turn stiffening fabric into a t-shirt. The arm feeds the piece into the sewing machine. The shirt is finished sewing. The robots puts the t-shirt in hot water to remove the fabric stiffener. This machine cuts and measures fabric. So it can make shirts regardless of size, from small to 5x large. There are some parts of Sewbo’s process that aren’t exactly clear. But watching the progress sure was intriguing. Sewbo isn’t the only one investing in sewing bots.

A company called Electroloom wants to print 3D garments. But instead of a factory run by humans, robots would do most of the work here too. The process is very complex, so I won’t make a fool out of myself explaining it. I’ll let Electroloom employees explain in this link. ?Shoemaker Adidas use robots to make shoes now. So how far fetched is it for robots to make shirts, or any other clothing item for that matter?

Normally, I would cringe at robots making anything. I hate the mere idea of robots taking jobs away from human beings. But here, I’ll make an exception. How many shirt factories do you see in America anymore? When I was little, we had one in our hometown. But those days are long gone. Maybe Sewbo and Electroloom can bring shirt factoring jobs back to America. At the very least, it would get interest back in sewing. The Electroloom demonstration seems like a real winner. I hope they can continue the funding and the venture capitalism to keep it up. Sewing is tough work. Maybe Sewbo’s bot will make it easier. Would you let robots sew your shirt?

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