Self Driving Car’s Progress: Average at Best

I’ve talked a lot about the self-driving car. Many IT support industries back it. Also, many more car industries build it. But before you rush to buy it, there’s something you should know. Look at the self driving car’s progress: average at best.

So, here is the self driving car’s progress. Uber’s car had tests on March 8. They put 43 cars on the road. But they only went 0.8 miles. So basically, they can’t even go one mile without human intervention. There are many reasons for this intervention. It could be anything from system control to bad weather. However, this is a drop. In February 2016, they made it to the one mile mark. In January, it was 0.9 miles.

Then again, there are some bright spots. For harmful events, cars went longer without intervention. For instance, on February 8, 2017, Uber cars went 40 miles without a potential harmful incident. But on March 8, they went 200 miles without one. Harmful events mean that without intervention, the car could hit a person or cause major damage. Not only that, but overall miles are dropping. Let me explain. They calculate miles that these cars total every week. Those miles are slipping. But there’s more good news. Uber drivers operate these self-driving cars. Their bad experiences are decreasing.

In Pittsburgh, and other cities, Uber conducts an experiment. They use the self driving car for regular pick up routines. So far, from what I read, it’s going pretty good. Consequently, they have their limitations. But there is a point here. The self driving car’s progress is progressing…somewhat. However, don’t expect to take it easy in the driver’s seat while the robot car does the work. We’re just not on that level…yet. First, let’s try going a mile without human intervention. Also, let’s try to go longer without risk of a major accident. I will admit, the process is exciting, and this will be the next big thing in IT service. Mark my word. How long do you think it will be?

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