Quix is a great tool for you internet fiends


With the internet occupying much of our time when using the computer, a number of services have become integral parts of our online routine, from twitter to flickr. Juggling the use of these services can become involving to some, requiring multiple keywords and applets to manage their use.

Quix is an astoundingly cool helper that consolidates commands for each service in one utility, significantly cutting down the time it takes to use these services. It works for both desktop and mobile browsers, giving you the ability to assign just a few keystrokes to the execution of popular features you make use of while using the internet.

Using just a simple window, you can send email, capture pages and clip them, run searches, update your twitter account and more. The list of available commands is impressive, sparing you the task of using multiple bookmarklets.

Pulling up just one window, enter your command and see the desired task completed.

Essentially, when using Quix, you?ll see a considerable diminishment in the time you spend configuring your browser for the use of these services. Once Quix is up and running, the benefits of its use will become immediately noticeable — it?ll almost become second nature after a few uses.

Along with a full list of available commands Quix offers, this overview helps you with the installation process.

You can grab Quix here.

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