Push for Pizza

Food delivery apps have made it easier, at least in the eyes of some, to get food delivered to your doorstep. Now, five college students are getting in on the app action, using one of America’s favorite foods.

The app is called Push for Pizza and it’s getting quite the buzz in the mainstream and technology based media. It’s created by three students attending Brown University and two students attending M.I.T. All five grew up in Brooklyn. Here is how the app works: download the app then enter your location and payment information. Choose between cheese and pepperoni. The order will go to a pizzeria near you. This is done through restaurant databases like Delivery.com and Order.in. Though you can only get Push for Pizza on Apple devices, these computer science majors are working around the clock to get this on Android.? Everything, including tip, is paid for before the driver gets to your door.? The app is free to download. The five inventors are Cyrus Summerlin and Max Hellerstein, ages 19, and Will Haack, Graham Carling and Demitri Nava, age 20. They get a small percentage cut every time a pizza is ordered through this app. Now, they’re talking about spin-offs.

I must say, I’m inspired that a group of men this young of age are inventing apps that could possible change the way we get our food. I dare not say where my head was at 19 and 20 years old. Some may laugh at this app, and say these guys are too young, but I wonder how many other young technological entrepreneurs were laughed at. With that being said, they need to add more options on their pizza menu. As a pizza fan, I find just cheese and pepperoni a little boring. Throw some meat lovers’ on the menu. They’re also peddling this app to larger pizza chains, which is a good thing. Will the larger pizza chains listen?

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