Police Bust an Apple Theft Ring In Silicon Valley

So what if you ran a major IT service corporation? Then, what if a group of people ran a theft ring, in your own hometown? That’s what happened to Apple. Police bust an Apple theft ring in Silicon Valley.

Local and state police arrested many who stole from Apple stores in Oakland and San Luis Obispo. The law accuses them of stealing over a million dollars worth of Apple merchandise. So according to authorities, they came in wearing baggy clothes in hoodies. Then,? swiped away the display items, stuck them in their pockets and baggy clothes, and walked out of there casually. It was simple as that.

It wasn’t just in these two cities. Because this theft ring operated in 19 California counties. So far, police arrested only seven people. They’re looking for at least nine more. I say ‘only’ and ‘at least’ because I think it takes way more than 16 people to pull of jobs like this. We’re talking millions of dollars worth of Apple goods here. California Attorney General Xavier Becarra addressed the case. As we expect, he assured they would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. However, Becarra addressed another concern: copycat criminals.

So come to think of it, I share Attorney General Becarra’s concern. I think most of know that Apple products don’t come cheap nowadays. Furthermore, some items, like these new batch of phones, are really popular. Look at how easy it was for them to pull this off.? Then add to the fact that not everybody is enjoying this…ahem…’economic boom’ the news and stock market hypes up.? All these things just breed temptation. But I tell you what. Police bust an Apple theft ring in Silicon Valley. That’s what. If you do this, then they will find you. Then you will be looking at years in prison. Believe me, Apple has the backing to make it happen. So my advice to you is…don’t even try it!

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