Now, you can easily convert websites to PDF files

Looking for an easy way to convert that website you?re visiting into a PDF file? Computer Geeks has found it for you! While we?ve covered software solutions in the past that do just that, this is a website that requires no software, even offering a bookmarklet that?ll allow you to convert websites to PDF files instantaneously.

PDFmyURL generates PDF files after you enter the web address of the site you?re looking to convert. If you want the ability to generate these PDF files on the fly, you can retrieve the bookmarklet from the front page, giving you the convenient ability to generate a PDF file at any time.

There are even more advanced options granting you added features that extend beyond its core functionality, including the ability to run this off your own server.

For immediate use, visit the site and enter the address you?d like to convert. For future application, you can take the bookmarklet (sitting right in the middle of the front page) and drag it to your toolbar. Once there, it?ll be available for whenever you wish to turn a website into a PDF.

This is an excellent tool for those who love to share the information we uncover during our travels on the net. I love unearthing neat tools of this sort, and will continue to keep Computer Geeks readers updated whenever I happen upon one.

Visit PDFmyURL here.

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