The New Microsoft Office: The New AI Microsoft Office

So Microsoft is about to have their Ignite conference in Orlando. But the star of the show wasn’t Steve Ballmer or Bill Gates. It was AI (artificial intelligence) technology. This is the new Microsoft Office: The New Microsoft Office.

In fact, most of their new features have AI’s backing. The biggest feature is Ideas. These are tools within Excel and Power Point, and their goal is to save time, then energy. They also say Ideas can choose your layout for your specific presentation for you. Furthermore, Ideas can pick your charts for you. These changes are also coming for Power Point Online in the near future.

But that’s not all. Excel is getting new features, all based on AI. These features include turning raw data into easy data you can easy put into spreadsheets. It also comes with image recognition. With this, you can turn data pictures into Exel files. One thing I like about the new Microsoft Office is they make the functions easy and it looks organized. Then there is Microsoft Search. It’s a search network that will soon debut on Bing and Who knows? Maybe they’ll come to other sites as the future progresses. This is the new AI Microsoft Office.

For more than a quarter century, Microsoft led the IT service world. And we all know that in the last few years, the AI/robotic technology is the wave of the IT support world. This trend has no end in sight. And it looks like Microsoft is following the trend. This doesn’t surprise me, except for that it took this long. We hear how others companies, tech or not (especially restaurants and fast-food industries) embrace AI. Maybe Microsoft planned this for years and told nobody. Or maybe they finally gave in to the AI craze. Will it work out for them?

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