The Real ID: Technology in Driver’s Licences

So back in 2005, Congress looked for a way to strengthen ID credibility. They did it because the 9/11/2001 hijackers used fake ID’s. They came up with? The Real ID Act. Now, it will soon take effect. The Real ID: Technology in driver’s licences.

So all?Americans will need this ID by October 2020. This Real ID is a federal compliant state ID or drivers licence. To get it, you will need the following: social security card, birth certificate, and two proofs of your state residence. The RMV/DMV places across America are taking this seriously. In fact, the RMV near our computer service shop closed down for three business days just to set up the technology they need for this.

But what does this have to do with IT support or computer technology? With this Real ID, they will put your information in a federal database. This help the federal government can track you wherever you go. Does that sound like science fiction? Then why are RMV’s all across America getting new computer systems just for this ID transition? They’re switching from the ALARS to ATLAS systems. Some say they will even scan your face and put your facial features in this database. I don’t have proof if they will or won’t. But look at how popular facial recognition technology is today. It’s possible.

However, here are some facts. If you don’t get a Real ID by October 1, 2020, then you won’t be able to do a lot things you take for granted. You won’t be able to board a flight, international or domestic. Also, you won’t be able to enter any government building. This includes city halls and courtrooms. If you work at a nuclear power facility, then you won’t be able to go there either. It seems like they’re really going to make us get the real ID, whether we want to or not. What do you think of the real ID?

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