Mona Lisa and Artificial Intelligence

So we all know about the swift rise of AI technology. Some say it will be the ruin of us. But others say it will take us to the next level. However, they’re combining AI with some of history’s most precious artwork. It’s Mona Lisa and artificial intelligence. Is this awesome or creepy?

So we can thank the AI Samsung Center for this piece of IT service. What they do is make a facial model with their AI tech. They call it a source face. Then, they will apply that source face to a picture or artwork. It can be a recent photo, or something as old as the Mona Lisa. So now, the target face can do whatever the AI face does when they combine the two.

These AI researchers are using facial features like talking, blinking, turning and other facial expressions. However, they admit this system is far from perfect. It takes a lot of data from the AI model to load up the face to the target in order for this to work. They call this single-shot learning. They’re applying this to the Mona Lisa, perhaps the most famous painting of all-time. They have three AI pictures of this.

The first has the Mona Lisa blinking and talking looking straight at the person. Then the second has the Mona Lisa turning her head, while talking and blinking. The third has her looking down while talking and blinking. I must admit it, it creeped my out looking at the Mona Lisa like this. But then, I couldn’t stop looking. They’re doing this to pictures of real life historic figures too, like Albert Einstein and Marylin Monroe. What do you think of Mona Lisa and artificial intelligence? Is it awesome or creepy? Or could making historic figures talk be leading to something more sinister?

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