Microsoft’s Super Bowl Ad: Who’s Cutting Onions In Here?

So back in the day, we waited until the Super Bowl to watch Super Bowl ads. But social media changes that. Because now, we can see the whole commercial before the intended debut. However, one gets to me. Microsoft’s Super Bowl ad: Who’s cutting onions in here?

So in this one, Microsoft promotes their Xbox Adaptive Controller?(no, this link is NOT the Super Bowl commercial). But they’re not using celebrities for this one. The stars of this commercial are children with disabilities. Most of them have physical disabilities, like either no hands or deformed hands. But one child is a 9-year-old boy with cerebral palsy. They talk about their love for video games, and how it connects them with friends.

However, there is one problem. The controllers they use often don’t fit their needs. It usually slows them down and messes up their video game play.? This is where the Xbox Adaptive Controller comes in. Because these controllers are more roundly shaped, and they don’t have to grab at joysticks and push at buttons. Therefore, everyone can play at an equal level now. This improved these kids’ play sharply! One kid said she doesn’t even have to look at the new controller, just at the screen now.

So you say it’s just a video game, right? Don’t tell those kids or their parents that. Because this moved one father to tears. He asks, “How will Owen (the kid will cerebral palsy) be viewed by other kids?”. Choking up, he answers his own question, “He’s not different when he plays.”. That’s the point. These adaptive controllers gives a more equal playing field, so everyone can fit in, regardless of disability. And it shows Owen playing video games with other kids, enjoying each other’s company. This controller will cost you $100, but what comes with it is priceless. How can anybody not feel some kind of touch or emotion when watching this commercial? Microsoft’s Super Bowl ad: Who’s cutting onions in here?


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