Microsoft Windows 10?

How do you feel about Windows 8? Apparently, some people didn’t enjoy the Windows 8 experience. So when is Windows 9 coming out? Never. From what I’m picking up, there will be no Windows nine.

But there is anticipation for Windows 10. In fact, today, October 1, 2014, Microsoft is expected to make it’s Windows 10 preview site public. There’s another reason they’re calling it Windows 10: This could be the last major windows versions ever. Windows 10 will be good on desktops, laptops, Windows Phone, even Xbox. One selling point is Windows 10 will work across platforms. Your personal Windows 10 property on your desktop will be just as good as it will on your laptop. You can also test the Enterprise Technological Preview, a version of their operating system starting today. But it will only be good on x86 machines. More consumer previews of Windows 10 should be made available by February 2015. New Windows 10 users can expect a new start menu, virtual desktops and Metro-style apps. There’s also a ‘Snap Assist’, where you can snap apps side-to-side. Continumm, another Windows 10 feature, help two-in-one device users connect keyboards to transition between two models and/or devices. Windows 10 is expected to be up somewhere between spring and summer 2015.

On paper, the changes and add-ons look pretty good. Personally, I’m looking forward to what these new concepts bring to the table, but let’s face it, Microsoft/Windows has dropped the ball before. I think they’re dropping the ball when they name their next Window 10 instead of 9. Is giving this 2015 version of Windows the number 10 supposed to make it any better? Is it going to improve the quality in any way? I doubt it will. Microsoft, please don’t insult your consumers’ intelligence just to sell more software. Just call it Windows 9. If this is the last Windows version, wouldn’t it be better to call it 9? How about you call your next venture or version 10?

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