Microsoft makes Updating Windows easier

For those of you familiar with Microsoft?s Windows Operating System, you?re well aware of how critical it is to keep your system updated with the latest patches released by Microsoft. In addition to steeling you against any security breaches, these updates have been shown to significantly improve the performance of the operating system.

Once a feature that many either ignored or reluctantly used, Windows Update has seen significant gains in its design since the transition to Windows Vista and the recently unveiled Windows 7.

This important feature is now accessible via the search bar located in the Start menu.


As you?ll see, the new Windows Update process has been streamlined, making it easier to manage and assign those updates where needed.


With this Windows Update manager, you can also view all of the updates for MS Products, saving you the time of checking them individually.

If you find yourself questioning just what you?re installing on your computer, you can click the link specified below, which will bring you to a more detailed explanation.



In the past, the installation of some updates has conflicted with the use of certain applications, which can lead to the instability of your system.? Should such a conflict occur, the incompatible update can be removed by simply selecting it from the Uninstall window.


For what you need, many of the updates will be unnecessary, yet you?ll still find them included in the list of updates to install. For those updates you consider needless, right-clicking on them will summon a window from which you?re able to select ?Hide updates.?


Keeping your Windows Updates current is just one of a number of ways for you to ensure that your system is properly functioning.

If you have any questions about what else can be done, feel free to give us a call.

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