Microsoft Joins Wristband Technology

The technology wearable contest intensifies. Samsung started the revolution. Then came Apple. Google and Android started collaborating. You knew it was only a matter of time before Microsoft was getting in on the action.

Some sources are saying Microsoft will release a fitness band with smartphone technologies. This isn’t expected to be a watch, just a wristband. This mystery device could be released in fall 2014. But here’s the advantage of a potential Microsoft wristband: It will work with all devices, not just click with the same brand. In addition to this, it will offer the same thing as other wrist technology does, checking heart rates, calories burned and other health apps. I’m sure they’ll be other cool apps coming. Remember, this is Microsoft here.

Maybe this is why they’re doing this spectacular move of all devices working with this potential wristband. That is a huge one up on the competition. Some say they’re giving too much away to their competitors, but this is genius. I’d love it to have a device that respects other companies. The price is expected to be the same as other fitness bands. And frankly, who cares if it doesn’t have a watch. It’s 2014. Aren’t there watches and clocks all around you now?

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