Microsoft and Iowa

When one thinks of Iowa, what comes to mind? Is it cornfields? Is it traditional Midwestern values? Is it presidential elections?

How about Microsoft? That’s right: This tech giant is making plans to put a billion plus dollar data center in West Des Moines, Iowa. Among other things, this center will house equipment that will run portal services as part of Microsoft’s online services businesses. This will bring a $2 billion dollar investment to the state and take about four years to complete. This will also create many good paying jobs for the West Des Moines area, not to mention tax revenue? and the companies this will attract. I think West Des Moines Mayor Steve Gaer has a reason to be exited. He said, “?It really sets up central Iowa as the leading technology center in the United States.”

I’m happy for Iowa and for West Des Moines, but I’d love to see this be trend for all over America. I’m tired of hearing experts talk about how bad America is weakening and how much China and India are prospering. I urge all corporations to follow Microsoft’s tune and create more technological jobs and opportunities for here at home. Will this trend spread?

Have a safe and prosperous Easter, everybody!

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