Microsoft and the 7 Inch Tablet

Our world gets smaller and smaller. So do our computer devices. A few years ago, a 7-inch tablet seemed impossible. Now, Microsoft is planning just that.

This year, Microsoft is developing it’s next batch of Surface tablets, including a 7-inch version of it. It’s expected to go into? mass production in the months to come. According to researches, half of all tablets shipped in Q4 2012 were under 8 inches. Since Surface’s launch last year, sales have been below average. Plus, the competitors are getting smaller. The 7.9 iPad Mini was introduced last year. Google’s 7-inch Nexus should be coming to a shelf near you anytime now.

Plus, Microsoft is hurting. They have a $75 billion dollar empire?to protect. Not only is the competition hitting them, but the hurt is internal. In the first few months of 2013, sales of desktops and laptops fell by over 10%. Keep in mind these are Microsoft’s strengths. Windows 8 isn’t having a successful run. Many people I’ve talked to?say this new software left them dazed and confused. Maybe that’s why they’re cutting the prices, and urging more tablets and touch screen devices to compliment Windows 8.

I don’t know if this is innovation or desperation on Microsoft’s part.?They’re building future smartphones, too. Personally, I hope Microsoft hits?a home run with this 7 Inch Tablet. It sounds like they need to. Seems like this tablet is what’s needed to bring Window 8 into a positive light. When?Microsoft brings out the?7?Inch Tablet, will you be in line to buy?

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