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When reading a?blog or engaging in a heated discussion with a pack of pseudo-intellectuals on your favorite message board,? we all finding ourselves scratching our head over some of the words we come across.

Should you ever happen upon a word for which you have no definition, or you?re a budding scribe looking for a word to break up the monotony of your latest piece, Google has just rolled out with their own online dictionary.?

Giving both definitions and synonyms, Google dictionary is a database of words that includes definitions culled from other academically certified sources.

If you?re someone who needs to look up a word several times before having its definition singed into your synapses, you can mark a word ? with a star ? to which you?d like to return or you can look up recent searches.

In the age of the internet, where print is become obsolete in favor of what?s available on the web, this is just another step in our transition to a fully digital world. For the student who?s laboring over a term paper, to the forum denizen looking to impress upon others his masterful vocabulary, Google Dictionary is a welcome resource that?s just a few keystrokes away.

You can visit Google Dictionary here.

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