LetsGetChecked: Can IT Support Save Your Health?

So IT support can do lots of things. But can IT service give you better health? There’s an Irish start up company that thinks so. So do venture capitalist that support them. LetsGetChecked: Can IT support save your health?

The founder is Tom Foley, who started LetsGetChecked back in 2014. It’s lab building technology that focuses on health testing. Then there are the ventures supporting this thing. They include Chinese VC company Qiming Venture Partners. Recently, they raised over $12 million. They will use the money to add people to their clinical team. I also hope they use these funds to expand worldwide.

LetsGetChecked is what is sounds like. It’s a health testing kit you give right at home. This includes cancer screenings, sexual health and STD testing, even hormone and fertility issues. You get the test based on your health concern. You can only get it through their website, and only after a doctor approves it. Then they’ll ship the test to your house. You do what you have to do, then send the sample back, with your kit, to their facility. If the sample reveals a serious diagnosis, like cancer or STD, then a LetsGetChecked doctor will call you.

Furthermore, these health kits are all over the place in cost. The cheapest cost $55. The most expensive costs? over $700. It depends on your test and your issue. Is it available in the US yet? I want to say yes. According to their website, they do have an office in New York City. They also have a US number you can call. They also have offices in their native Dublin, Ireland and another office base in Toronto, Ontario,Canada. I’d like to think if I ever used this kit, then it would stay at least in the US, and not go all the way to Ireland. Would you use a health kit like this?

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