Keep your desktop fresh with Wallpaper Juggler

We all like to spruce things up, keeping fresh for the New Year. With that in mind, you probably want to introduce a bit of variety to your desktop, making sure to rotate your wallpaper so you?re never looking at one that begins to grow stale.

While I have hundreds of images I?ve used on my desktop over the years, I?ve always had to manually set them, finding that I usually do so when growing tired of being greeted by the same image when booting my computer up.


There?s a new application that will juggle your images and update your wallpaper, leaving your desktop fresh in 2010. Not only will this tool set a rotating schedule for your wallpaper, but it also downloads new wallpaper images from two sites ? Interfacelift and Wallpaper Stock.

Called Wallpaper Juggler, this tool is for Windows users.

Whether you?re buying a new suit for your wardrobe or hitting the roads in a shiny new car, ringing in the New Year fresh is a long held tradition for many, one that could very well apply to something as mundane as your desktop wallpaper.

If you want to keep your desktop looking fresh, you can grab Wallpaper Juggler here.

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