Is XKeyscore Another Surveillence Tool?

Perhaps the story of the year is the NSA surveillance situation. We’ve learned the government is spying on our cell phones, emails and social media post. Now there’s a new revelation in this gift that keeps on giving.

The NSA now proudly reveals a program called XKeyscore. That is a wide-reaching intelligence development system for the Internet. According to reports, XKeyscore can be used to access many, many agency databases by simply giving a reason for the access. Another says it can cover nearly everything everybody does on the Internet ever! Some analysts say?XKeyScore can intercept all Internet activity. Some say it allows legal authorization to track any American without a search warrant. And apparently, this just didn’t start. As early as 2008, the NSA documents 300 terrorists were brought to justice thanks to XKeyScore.

But what about the rest of us? What about the rest of us who are just living our lives and obeying the law? Yes, you can use that old line, “If you’re not doing anything, then you don’t have anything to worry about.” Really? What is you say something in an email or social media post the authorities don’t like? What if you buy something online the authorities don’t like? And when they question you, what if you give them the wrong answer? Or worse yet, what if this system gets into the wrong hands? I just?read a disturbing story about hackers controlling someone’s?car behind a computer screen. What’s going to be next?

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