Introducing The Anti-Drone Gun: A Semi-Beast

You see a drone over your home. But according to the FAA, that’s a legal no-no. So you grab a bazooka and shoot it down. Oh what fun to see the explosion and the pieces. However, that’s not how this works. Here’s introducing the anti-drone gun: a semi-beast.

This anti-drone gun comes from Drone Shield. They’re a tech firm from Australia. While it looks like the Drone Gun can wreck something up. But it’s surprisingly gentle. While there is a trigger, no explosions will follow. No drones pieces will fly to your front yard. But this gun intercepts communication between the drone and drone pilot. Then, Drone Gun brings the drone back to the ground.

Also, the Drone Gun has a ‘return to home’ function. With this function, authorities can find track illegal drone activity. Furthermore, they can find where the drone flew and find out who owns the law breaking drone. The Drone Gun looks intimidating. But it isn’t. It weighs 13 pounds. It can take down drones 1 1/4 miles away. First of all, make sure Drone Gun is legal in your town or community. If not, Drone Shield won’t sell you one. Consequently, Drone CEO Peter James said his biggest customers were government agencies and military leaders. Others were CEOs trying to protect their business.

The Drone Shield is just coming out. So we don’t know what price is. But you better watch where you fly that drone. I’m convinced this device will get very popular, especially as more drones take to the sky. Then, add to that all the drones flying illegally. Ladies and gentlemen, there are FAA regulations about drone safety. They are there for a reason. While I applaud Peter James for making this Drone Gun, it shouldn’t take a drone gun to control your drone. Your common sense and decency should do that. What do you think of the anti-drone gun?

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