Introducing Mobile Fusion

Have you ever been to a 3D movie? Was it a great experience, wasn’t it? How would you like to make your own 3D movie or your own 3D program?

Thanks to a Microsoft research project, you’ll be able to do so soon. It’s called Mobile Fusion. If Microsoft has it’s way, you’ll be able to crate your own 3D images on your mobile devices. It won’t be difficult. You’ll be able to create 3D images as easy as you take a picture or shoot a smartphone video. In fact, this 3D tool may be better than any other 3D tool available. Yes, it’s more accessible and virtually anybody with a smart device can get it. You don’t even need extra hardware. You don’t even need an Internet connection at all. That means people in the most remote locations, like in the woods or sailing on the seas, can get the same 3D experience as in a downtown major city. “Everything happens on the phone itself,” one research scientist explains it. Allegedly, the scans are so good they can be used for video game creation. Mobile Fusion is expected to be showed off at the ISMAR conference (International Symposium on Mixed and Argumentative Reality). ?This conference will take place in Fukuoka, Japan in October 2015. Let’s see how it goes.

So far, it sounds like a pretty good sale. I can see filmmakers definitely buying into Mobile Fusion. How cool would it be to tell a short story not just through film, but through 3D film? It would put the audience right there. The other good news for filmmakers is they can use Mobile Fusion anywhere. Without Internet connection, you have no restraints. You can shoot a lot of action adventure scenes in woods, fields, beaches, at sea or anywhere. If someone is creative, they could create and patent some video game scenes. Who else could benefit from Mobile Fusion?


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