Introducing Lily Drone

In the early 1900s, man dreamed of flying. It happened. In the 1960s, man dreamed of going to the moon. It happened. In the decade of the 2000s, civilians dreamed of going to space. It’s happening. Now people dream of drone selfies?

This is where Lily drone comes in. They’re already calling it ‘magic’ because unlike most other drones, it’s easy to use out the box. When ready to use, just throw it in the air. Assuming you’re going under 25 mph, it’ll follow you for 20 minutes maximum without need for recharging. Lily records sound and makes videos as well as takes pictures. The drone is used for recording outdoor sporting events. Extreme sports enthusiast would embrace this device very well. Lily is expected to cost $500 in the pre-order phase. It will run you double if you wait afterwards. It contains a tracking device as well as a waterproof case. Lily herself is waterproof. ?And for those really death defying stunts, it has a slow motion feature. But this drone isn’t perfect (but what drone is?). It doesn’t have obstacle avoidance capabilities. So remember that if you’re flying it into mountainous or urban areas. It follows you around, but if it crashes somewhere, remember it’s unavoidable. The release date of Lily isn’t yet known, but I bet it’s coming sooner than later.

When I heard the term ‘selfie drone’, I immediately thought the worst. That’s what some media outlets are touting Lily as. But if people are using to capture extreme sports, a world few of us will ever know, then Lily is a great investment! Just be careful out there. If Lily is going to be used this to just take selfies every two minutes, then for the love of all things good, then don’t spend $500-$1,000 on Lily! Isn’t selfie culture out of control already?

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