Introducing Google Wallet

By now, we know about Google Glass. While this device is super difficult and expensive to get, they’re adding another component.

This is where Google Wallet comes in. If tests go right, Glass users will be able to send money to their friends just be commanding the Glass, through their voice, to ‘send money’. This isn’t science fiction. If this application passes the tests, it will be available to all Glass users sooner than later. To get Wallet, Glass users have to install it through Google’s corporate network. After they set it up, they can send money from Glass.

Here’s how it would work: You and your friends are going out enjoying a day or night out. It’s your turn to pay your share of the bill. Your friend with the Google Glass says ‘send money’ and you get the money, with the swipe through the interface.? This service is by no means free. For every Wallet transaction, Google will take a fee of either 2.9 percent, or 30 cents, whichever is higher. You can’t make this stuff up. I wonder will it even pass testing. If it does, will Glass users be interested, which are already in small percentage? And when, or should I say if, Google Glass go mainstream, will the mainstream public be interested? Or is Google Wallet, through Glass,? destined to flop?

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