Information You Need to Know in a Flash Drive

Flash Drives, or SSD (Solid-State Drives as they are not commonly known) have become one of the best ways to transfer information from on computer to another. It is so simple, you plug in this little piece of plastic with a USB connector into the proper receptacle on the desktop or laptop, and presto there are your saved files, reports, presentations, and homework papers.

SSD’s are like HDD’s or Hard Disk Drives in the sense that they are a data storage unit. The difference is that it is not a disk, but a microchip. This makes data storage more durable, as it is encased in plastic it can withstand shock and temperature damage, it also provides a longer life as it does not need batteries . SSD’s became popular in the military in the 90’s for it’s fast and reliable use when dealing with enemies and missions.

Flash Drive got the name for it’s ability to erase with the speed that of a camera’s flash.

It has become widely used by students today. They are the perfect tool for getting the homework, research papers, and essays done on time. It makes the student’s life easier because they can do the work out on their laptop or desktop at home, save it to the Flash Drive, and bring it to school to print it out.

They used to be costly to buy, now they are only $10 to $15 dollars depending? on how much memory you buy. They go as low as 4GB and get up to 16GB.


One thing that is a drawback of the Flash Drive is it’s vulnerability to viruses and malicious software, or mal-ware. For example, when you save the work you did all night, the last night before it is due, and take it to school to print out. Sure, when you save it on YOUR computer it is free of any viruses, but you do not know what kind of mischief is lingering on the school computers. Chances are they are filled with crap just waiting for a USB Flash Drive to plug in so they can invade it. Say goodbye to that hard worked, procrastinated paper. Those worms that squirm around computers that are unsafe can ruin you just by plugging in your Flash Drive.

So how can you protect yourself from this threat?

Download this free anti-virus software that can scan for viruses within Flash Drives here. By doing this you ensure that your work will be safe, because you can run system checks to see if has any potential viruses before you plug it back into your home computer. That is the last thing you need, a worm working it’s way through every computer that you put your dirty little Flash Drive in.

Another little tip to top the virus trick can be downloaded free here, this will make sure that when you plug in your Flash Drive that it won’t immediately jump out and start screwing up. By disabling the Autorun file, you will have to open it manually, but if that is the price to pay for being safe? Take it.

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