HTC’s One Max Extra Ingredient

HTC is soon to release their One Max, a 5.9 inch smartphone that could pass as a tablet. The release date is unknown, some say October 15. Some say October 17. But some extra could come with this newly released device.

According to Chinese social media website Sina Weibo, the HTC One Max has a fingerprint scanner. They’re showing leaked images of the scanner with a missing back case. The scanner sits between the SIM slot and the camera. This has been confirmed by Verizon testers of the One Max. In fact, there are photos going around of this scanner by an avid Verizon blogger.

I know what many people are thinking. They copied this from Apple 5S. I must admit, there are similarities. But there are differences. The Apple 5S uses the thumb as a scanner. The One Max calls for the forefinger. You can use the 5S to unlock your screen and make Apple store transactions. To this day it’s not certain you can unlock the One Max screen with the fingerprint scanner. I highly doubt you’ll be able to make Apple Store purchases off of it. But if you can’t unlock your screen with One Max, then what good is it? So I don’t think this is copying. I think this is good competition on HTC’s part. Do you think fingerprint scanner will be a good selling point for the HTC One Max?

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