Google’s Rival What’s App

Remember when Google tried to get the What’s App? Facebook beat them to it. Google didn’t quit, but instead, is working ceaselessly to come up with their own What’s App.

Google plans to launch a mobile message app. They’re getting ready to test it in India. They’ve already sent a Google product manager to India to check out the message app conditions of that developing nation. Some sources say the Google message app will be ready for the public sometime in 2015. I can’t find the future name for this app; they may not even have one yet. Google product manager Nikhhyl Singhal is being sent to Pacific Asian nations to study ecosystems and the mobile scene there. This message app is expected to be free and won’t even require a Google password.? Google offered What’s App $10 billion, but Facebook got What’s App by ponying up nearly twice as much. That’s how Google got here.

Some may be asking, “Why is Google testing India’s ecosystem for a potential message app?” If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and that includes the technology realm. By the end of this decade, India should have the second biggest smartphone market in the world (China will have the biggest). You’re going to need a strong smartphone market if you want a strong app market. There are around 600 million What’s App users globally, over 10% are in India.? The message app market is growing altogether. At least a dozen message app has tens of millions of regular users. We Chat has well over 400 million monthly users. But most things Google touches has turned to gold. So I think their message app will do well. But me being a fan of small business, I’m concerned people will dump the small message app sites and flock to Google as soon as the release date is here. Would you use a Google message App?

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