Google Testing for Google Now

With Google Now, you can get info on everything from flight, nearby attractions, and?even when the next bus or subway is coming.?But now, Google?is making sure you can do even more.

They’re now attempting to get people to watch the news closest to them. They’re testing a local news card. Since Google now can help you find things in your local?area, they’re hoping that holds true in local?current events. But it’s not just about current events. One Google VP gives an account of finding out Miss Mexico visiting his son’s school; he?also?finds out about a stabbing in?his neighborhood.?Before you rush to get this card, please note it’s in?testing phase; they don’t?know when, or if, this is going to be released to the public. Plus, no major tech based corporation has been very successful with trying to conquer local news. Remember the doomed?NBC Every Block?

Can I get the elephant out of the room? I think Google is wasting their time with this local news venture. Google Now is doing very well. You can find out enough about what’s going on in your local world. For example, I found out through Google Now that my train was delayed, saving me a lot of frustration. Plus, I think people still like to stick to their local news affiliates and newspapers for their local stories. Please don’t take that from us! Do you think this Google Now news card is even worth testing?

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