Google offers a Public (and free!) DNS

If you?re looking to see your web browsing pick up its pace a few notches, Google is rolling out with a new service that aims to introduce faster browsing speeds ? and, like all of their innovative rollouts, it?s completely free.

It?s called Google Public DNS, and the company has offered a brief explanation of just what DNS does:

?Most of us aren’t familiar with DNS because it’s often handled automatically by our Internet Service Provider (ISP), but it provides an essential function for the web. You could think of it as the switchboard of the Internet, converting easy-to-remember domain names - e.g., - into the unique Internet Protocol (IP) numbers - e.g., - that computers use to communicate with one another?

As you see, it?s a means of organizing the numerous locations you visit when venturing into the Worldwide Web. What Google Public DNS means for you ? assuming, of course, that you use it ? is a faster and more stable alternative to the one offered by your Internet Service Provider.

Some of you may be ambivalent about the use of this, given Google?s questionable history of data collection, but you probably don?t have much to worry about. It?s in Google?s best interests to ensure that you?re comfortable using their services, and this is just another addition to their growing stable of unique web-based tools that improve your life on the net.

If you?re interested in using Google Public DNS and would like instructions on doing so, you can find them here.

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