Google makes it easy to combat the flu.

Whether you?re looking for your seasonal flu shot or you?re concerned about the availability of a vaccine that combats the H1N1 swine flu, Google has rolled out with a handy locator that points you towards the nearest location to service that need.

Just visit their flu shot locator.

Once that?s loaded, it might prompt you to enter your location. To do so, select the ?Change location? link.


Once the search is completed, you will see a red icon in the form of a needle. This will show you where to obtain the regular seasonal flu shot. A blue icon of the same type notes where you can get the H1N1 vaccine. A needle that?s mixed with both red and blue indicates a location where both services are available.


Clicking on any of the icons will present you with more information about that particular location.


On the left-hand side, you?ll see all of the locations on the map. While most of these are pharmacies, Google has said that more sites will be added with time.

One important bit of information that?s omitted from these details is whether or not the flu shot or vaccine is in stock. While the icon indicates that the location is supplying those services, looking to the left of the map tells you that the stock is depleted.


In addition to the locator, Google also has a site that follows flu activity, highlighting those areas in which its prevalence is high.

Google continues to remind us why their presence on the internet is so invaluable. They harness the simplicity of their model to innovate how our community utilizes an internet that is still in its infancy when considering the possibilities.

While we at Computer Geeks hope you never come down with the flu, we also know that staying informed can often be the best possible defense.

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