Google Glasses: A Flop Waiting to Happen?

Aren’t Google Glasses supposed to be the big technological breakthrough of the 2010s? Couldn’t this compare to the Internet, or the smartphone? According to most critics and users, apparently not.

Security measures are mediocre at best. ?While I don’t have these glasses myself, I’ve read and heard this may as well be a hacker’s dream. They’re going to cost you $1,500, if you qualify. Those who are lucky to get them, you must abide by a bunch of rules, or they will cut them off without refund. Critics say battery?life is?five hours, but some users say it’s less than three hours. Other users said it gives them?literal headaches. ?It’s so close to your face you can’t help but feel that burden. If you give them a voice command, it may or may not obey you. Other infrequencies include?bad response to messages,?needing a smartphone to use them, and the difficulties to take them off.

So let’s break this down. You?have to pay a lot to get them if you qualify, and the strict rules. That reminds me of this club where they only let a few people in, and those who did get in?got hit with a $30 cover charge and 5 drink minimum, and?they won’t let you dance with strangers. The short?battery life is going to?be really bad for?people walking around. These headaches are lawsuits waiting for?to happen. I know Google Glass is in it’s infancy, but from the looks of things, they better grow up real quick! Do you still want to get this so called technological breakthrough?

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