Google Glass Tryout

Google Glass seems to be picking up steam and popularity. Keep in mind this device is so exclusive it’s sold for $1,500 a piece, you have to be on a pr-approved list and you have to pick them up at an office…either in New York City or Los Angeles, CA. That’s changing slightly.

Now don’t all rush to the mall with you checkbook or charge card in hopes to put the Google Glass under the Christmas tree. It’s not that lax. However, Explorers will be allowed to invite friends to try the exclusive device. They can bring three per Explorer. They’re also giving Explorers walk through classes to show them how this device works. This course will take 45 minutes. For those who purchased Google Glass, they’ll get a phone call to schedule that class. Google Glass has also done road tours recently, and may be still doing so.

Well, I’m glad they’re opening up the gates a little bit. I’m guessing it’s getting close to the Google Glass release to the public. They say the release it’s going to happen sometime in 2014. So after being so exclusive for so long, maybe this is Google’s way of saying, ‘We better hurry up and get the word out now or we’ll lose our investment.’ If they don’t want to lose their investment, try bringing these prices down! What’s the reason Google wants to show off Google Glass more often?


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