Google Glass in the Bathroom?

I’ve you’ve followed my blog as of late, you know I’ve covered Google glass several times. But there’s one incident about this phenomenon that really disturbed me. What if you’re using the bathroom?wearing Google Glasses?

That’s what happened at a Google conference. To take a picture with this wearable Internet device, all one has to do is wink their eye. This particular person pondered this as he went to the urinal,?and several other men were there?still wearing their glasses! As he got out, he noticed thousands wearing these things from the bar to the lobby, claiming Google Glass was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

This opens up a new can of worms, especially for privacy advocates. When the?smartphone got popular in the late?2000s, when you could take pictures anywhere, that was shocking enough. Now with Google glass, all someone has to do to is wink to take a picture. Yes, this could be used for good, but it could used for such evil. I can see some wicked genius now trying to catch someone in the act by using this device. It’s getting so bad now you can’t do anything without some camera or device watching you, and having your business spread all over the world, literally! But this is the greatest thing since sliced bread, right? What side of the debate are you on?


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