Google Bans Reselling Glasses…And That’s Just For Starters

Do you have Google Glasses? Do you plan to buy Google Glasses? You better keep them to yourself. Google forbids reselling, or even loaning?your glasses.??If you do, you’ll be sorry.

According to their service terms, if your glasses are resold or borrowed, they can cut off your device and all access. You will not be entitled to a refund. Can they do this? You bet! Believe it or not, when you buy any computer related device, you’re more like renting the software. So the company from where you purchased the device (whether it be Google, Apple, Android) owns most of the rights to that software. When you purchase Google Glasses, it’s registered under your Google account. So when you trade your merchandise, you can be tracked.

Buying these glasses isn’t like buying a loaf of bread at the grocery?store. It isn’t even like getting a laptop at the computer store. You have to qualify. How does one do that? Under the Google Glass Explores Program, if you post a pro-Google flattering comment under any social media site, then you might qualify to pay at least $1,500 for these glasses. And then there was that poor man who tried to Ebay his glasses.

What’s to make of this? Let’s say Google does very well with the glasses. Let’s say they do so well they lower the price and sell these to the masses, still forbidding the resale and lending of the glasses. Now all other companies see this and adopt the same policy of all their devices, from smartphones to tablets, even low cost cell phones. Now, in this New Order of things, if you loan out your device, no matter what the reason, that device can be shut off at anytime.?And in 21st century America, it’s more important than ever to be wired, and now you have no access to being wired. Do you see my concern?of where this may lead??So is it even worth getting Google Glasses at all?

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