Galaxy S5 Casualties

Samsung, the world’s most popular handset corporation, hit a snag with the hyped up Samsung Galaxy S5. It received mixed reaction from technological critics and customers alike. But bad press isn’t the only casualty.

Chang Dong-Hoon, head of Samsung’s mobile design team, resigned last week due to the controversy. People criticized Galaxy S5 because of lack of hardware innovations and a cheap look. But Dong-Hoon will continue to lead the company’s design strategy. Dong-Hoon’s replacement as head of the design team is Lee Min-Hyouk, already VP of Mobile Design. Back in 2010, at 42, Min-Hyouk became Samsung’s youngest senior executive. Under his leadership, Sumsung’s Galaxy series surpassed Apple’s iPhone series as the world’s most popular smartphone.

That is, until Galaxy S5 came along. But it won’t or hasn’t damper Samsung’s major success. They’re still outselling Apple almost 2-to-1 in the smartphone game. Under the circumstance, this was the best move Samsung could have made. So Galaxy S5 wasn’t as earth-shattering as originally thought. At least they’re not throwing Dong-Hoon under the bus. It’s more of a demotion, and his service is still being valued. It was a smart move choosing a vice president to take his place, and the very man who virtually started the Samsung gravy train. Plus, there’s a legal storm coming. Apple’s claiming Sumsung’s been copying their mobile phone looks, particular in the US. And we here at Computer Geeks, tend to agree with them. So is this the team needed to withstand Samsung’s next challenges?





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