G-Ro Introduces Smart Luggage: A Good Buy?

Ah, traveling in the IT service era. It sure ain’t what it used to be. Because now, people are plugging in and tuning out more than ever before. Then there are the security rules and baggage fees. Ever feel your luggage is? in the 1980s? Then G-Ro might be for you. G-Ro introduces smart luggage: A good buy?

So why should I call it smart luggage? Because it does cater to at least some of our tech needs. For instance, all G-Ro luggage includes a built-in rechargeable battery. That way, we can charge our smart devices anytime. The traveler needs that right now, whether we want it or not.

This luggage also has ‘The Office’. The Office has a laptop case. In addition to a laptop case, it has a document filing system and has a little room to spare. Most, if not all of them, have extra pockets to separate your devices from the rest of your luggage. This prevents screen cracking (but if you do mess up your screen, we specialize in laptops fixed). You can also inflate and deflate this bag by as much as 10 inches. These G-Ro bags vary in price. Kickstarter offers a promotion for as low as $129.

Then there is the Backpack XV, perhaps G-Ro’s best creation. This one includes a 13 backpack specifically for a laptop. But that one will cost you $269. Other than these things, it’s just your typical luggage. I don’t own a G-Ro luggage set. And for this amount of money, I probably won’t get one. Look at the price. For a fraction of $269, I can get good luggage that can hold devices, or get accessories, or something. I can probably pull this off for less than $129. G-Ro has a great concept, and a needy concept. However, they need to do one of two things. They need to offer more or lower their prices. So I ask you about the G-Ro smart luggage: Is it a good buy?

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