For you forgetful Firefox users — Internote helps.

Ever find yourself on a website you only rarely browse for a specific purpose, yet you?re unable to recall just what that is? Ever maintain ongoing dialogues on your favorite message board, wishing there were a way jot your thoughts down?? If you?re someone who?s slightly forgetful, requiring the occasional reminder for something important, we have a neat Firefox extension that you might put to good use.

Called Internote, this extension allows a user to place sticky notes? (yes, they look exactly like the sticky notes any office dweller is familiar with) on any website page they?re visiting. Even better, the sticky notes will remain there until removed, staying around for the user?s next visit.

After the extension has been installed, the status bar will see the addition of a small yellow icon. If you’re so inclined, you can make the icon larger. Simply clicking the icon once will generate a new sticky note. Placement of each note is up to you, with no limit on the number of stickies you wish to apply.


If you want to edit a sticky note, remembering something you wished to amend it with, use the Internote manager. With it, you can open any of the stickies you?ve left behind and modify them: changing the content of the notes, assigning them to different websites, and even altering their appearance.

While it seems rather simple, it?s an incredibly resourceful tool for people who spend a good amount of time on the internet and are involved with tasks that require the management of all kinds of data.

You can download the Internote extension here.

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