Filter out all the babble from YouTube

Being the most popular streaming site on the web, home to content that ranges from music videos to full-length pictures, YouTube is also visited by millions the world over.

As anyone knows, a good number of those on the internet behave in ways that some might find objectionable, using profane language and exhibiting behavior that is nothing short of juvenile.

If you?re a frequent visitor of YouTube who?d like your viewing experience to be free of the rhetorical rubbish, there?s a new extension for Firefox that cleans up the comments and makes your time more pleasant.

Called the YouTube Comment Snob, this extension filters the comments to your choosing, allowing you to block those video responses that might border on offensive. It filters out the following:

  • Those comments that include more than the allowable number of spelling mistakes ( you can specify the tolerable number of errors).
  • Comments that are entirely in CAPS
  • Comments that are entirely in lowercase
  • Overuse of punctuation (i.e. ?!?!?!?!?)
  • Explicit language

As seen below, the commentary ranges from profane (which has been blackened out) to overly puerile.


Once the Comment Snob has been implemented, you?ll see that those comments which fall into your specified filter have been hidden. The filter even provides the reasoning behind the comment?s removal. If you?re curious about what was hidden, you?re given the option to reveal what was said, if you so choose.


When using the Comment Snob, you?re offered the ability to specify that content which you?d rather not see, including a choice of how many spelling mistakes are allowed before the comment is deemed unsuitable.


Some people have a high tolerance for buffoonery, even finding it amusing on some levels, but I?m guessing that many of you would rather not be subjected to infantile behavior when looking to pass time on the internet. This tool will help rid YouTube of those comments you’d rather not see.

You can download the YouTube Comment Snob extension here.

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