Facebook Acquires Confirm.io: Should Confirm.io Sell?

So I took a bus ride a few weeks ago. I had to show ID. The driver scanned the ticket to make sure it was real. He also scanned my ID for authenticity. We can thank IT support start-up Confirm.io for that. But now, Facebook Acquires Confirm.io.

Confirm.io has their headquarters in Boston, MA. It’s just a few miles from our computer service shop. It offers API (application performance interference) technology to companies checking to see if people’s IDs are real. For example, a bars use Confirm.io to check if the ID is real, weeding out the fake IDs. Or if you have an e-ticket, and need your ID, they can check to see if you’re really you. But why does Facebook need it?

First of all, it will help Facebook users locked out of their accounts get back in. A Facebook spokesperson also said Confrim.io will keep their site safe. Some experts say it could confirm your ID if you’re locked out of your own account. This can prevent hackers from coming on your page. I don’t know how much this merge cost. But we Confirm.io is a rising player in the tech world. In fact, they raised millions in venture capital. And with the rise of ID technology, well…

However, Facebook acquires Confirm.io could be a mistake on Confirm.io’s part. Here is why. Because they can contribute so much more to so many more companies on their own. Facial ID technology is so huge right now. In fact, iPhone X will only work with facial ID recognition. Then you have others who either depend or will depend on face ID in the near future. If I were Confirm.io, I would stretch myself out. I would not tie myself to just one company. And they weren’t exactly struggling. Because in one recent year alone, they raised over $4 million in venture capital alone. Then there were the other opportunities. What would you do if you ran Confirm.io?

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