Drivers Licence…on Your Smartphone

You’re at a bank, entering a bar, or in any other situation where you’re asked to present your drivers licence. How would you like to present your drivers licence…on your smartphone?

In a few months, Iowa citizens can do just that. Effective sometime in early 2015, Iowa will be the first state (that I know of) to have an app on their smartphone with their official drivers license as issued by their Dept. of Transportation. Not everybody may be willing or able to make this change, so Iowa drivers can still keep their traditional plastic licenses. But DOT Director Paul Trambino assures state residents the smartphone license will be accepted at traffic stops and airports. In this era of ever increasing hacking and malware, you can protect your smartphone drivers license with a pin number. This is just one step in the Iowa DOT’s push toward embracing new technology. Other projects include camera phone on snowplows (keep in mind this is Iowa) and adding driver license kiosk centers.

I’m glad airports and traffic stops have been giving the all clear to accept the smartphone drivers licence. But what about private institutions? What about banks, bars, and stores that sell age restricted products? I hope they go on board and accept the smartphone license. Because if not, than it’s not going to do citizens much good. I think it’s great this is an optional, and not a required thing. Yes, some people are going to run to get this app, but they’re some who aren’t. Another good thing, there is no extra cost to the Iowa drivers, which is another plus. I’m not going to name the state, but I was once charged an extra thirty dollars just to get a license/state ID changed. So I must give Iowa props on that one. Do you think other states will catch onto the smartphone license?



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