Device Doctor updates your drivers with ease

Ensuring that the latest drivers are installed on your computer can go quite a distance towards shielding you against the much dreaded ?Blue Screen of Death.? Drivers are files? upon which your software and hardware depend, facilitating conflict-free communication between the various programs and devices comprising your computer system.

For streamlined solutions that scan your computer for outdated drivers and provide the necessary updates, you?re usually looking at a fee. However, there is one solution that comes at no expense to you, provided as an absolutely free alternative that effectively assesses and addresses your driver needs.

Called Device Doctor, this utility is very easy to use, limited to just one screen from which you?ll be able to see what drivers are needed and how to obtain them. All you need to do is click the ?Begin Scan? button, which will commence with a thorough appraisal of your system?s drivers, ending with a list that shows you which drivers needed to be updated. After the scan is complete, you?re prompted to download each update.


Although the drivers aren?t installed automatically, it?s still fairly straightforward, with very little chance of error. On the page for downloads, you simply click on that driver you want to install and sit back while it updates the driver.

With such a staggering variety of hardware all serving the same essential purpose, the number of drivers is just as varied, requiring you to be attentive to just what it is you?re updating. There is always the slight chance of Device Doctor linking you to an incorrect driver or one that has since been replaced by a more current one. If that happens, they provide a link for you to alert the developers of this utility to the error.


Saving you the time of hunting down each specific driver, this is a great tool that simplifies and hastens the important process of updating your drivers.

You can download Device Doctor here.

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