CES 2018: Could This One Be The Best CES Ever?

Well, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is in Las Vegas this year. So they will showcase all things IT service and technology. There are also more showcases? this year. CES 2018: Could this one be the best CES ever?

Robot technology and AI are common themes. I like The Root. It’s a robot that teaches kids to code. Furthermore, it teaches them through Spiro drawings. It’s kind of reminds me of this 1960s commercial. But this machine includes a white board eraser and USB-C port. It moves kinda like a Roomba. It should be available later this year and will cost around $200. However, let’s say you like your robots big, heavy and running. Then Furrion has what you’re looking for. Because they’re displaying their?Prosthesis. This machine requires a driver inside the thing to run it. It can also go around 20 MPH. Did I mention it weighs over 8,000 pounds? Try to imagine what dinosaurs were like some 70 million years ago.

Obviously, there is a lot more to CES 2018 than just robot technology. I say this because there is some drama unfolding. Google CES failed to open today. We can blame it on the Las Vegas rain, literally. Google’s booth was outdoor and two levels big (we’re talking about Google, here). But they couldn’t handle the rain. Google people say they also shut it down because of customer safety, especially around parking lots. This monstrous display should be ready tomorrow. You know Google hopes so.

What I like about CES 2018, and all of these shows, that it gives the little guys a chance. They can shine here just as much as Google, Apple or Amazon. That’s what is beautiful about computer repair and technology. I’m especially rooting for The Root. In order for Americans to thrive in the next generation, then we need these kids to be tech savvy. Maybe The Root helps do that.? What is your favorite CES 2018 display so far?

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